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Thank you! We greatly appreciate your patronage and are excited that you have chosen Raised Decals for your custom products. We have created this form to help expedite your order in the most timely fashion possible. Please see below for important details on the reorder process we put in place along with this form.


  • Mold fee's are waived ($0!) on reorders of previous designs!

  • Our standard lead time is approximately 6 weeks. 

  • Our minimum order size is 25 per design. 

Instructions: Please provide the following details regarding your reorder. Based on your submitted information we will send you an invoice via QuickBooks. We will attach the previous artwork and associated Pantone color swatches in the invoice. Please review these carefully along with other pertinent details to ensure that your order is correct. Once the invoice is paid, we will place your order on the production schedule and lead time will begin. Fully filled out and authorized (signed) purchase orders are also accepted, please email these to

Reorder Form

If your shipping and billing addresses differ, please provide new billing address in the open text box below.


Please provide a brief description of the product you are ordering. Include what the design looks like and the color. 

Example: Letter "B" in Black/White. 

This will help us identify the design you wish to reorder, should we have multiple designs on file for your organization. 

Please provide any additional information that would assist in processing your order as well.

Thank you for submitting your reorder details. We will be in contact shortly!

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