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What People Are Saying About Us

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Raised Decals is your go-to source for custom 3D helmet decals for baseball, softball, hockey, football, and more. We also offer stylish accessories such as bag tags, shoe charms, number decals and more. Our products are designed to add value and style to your sports gear. We are proud of our 5-star reviews and take pride in providing exceptional customer service. We believe in delivering quality products that exceed expectations.

University of Washington 3D baseball softball helmet decals
3D baseball softball helmet decals
3D baseball softball helmet decals

"I'm writing to let you know these decals are excellent. The kids love them, and they look very sharp. I'd also like to place an order for 200 more, same specs."

Keith Goggin

Holy Cross HS
Flushing, NY 

“When I was hired to rebuild our program I set out to re-brand the program we wanted it to stand out from other teams in our league. Many teams had the same tired, flat logos or no logos at all. We wanted our team to represent the modern and forward thinking program we were building. When I came across Raised Helmet Decals I knew that 3D logos were the way to go. We had searched everywhere and no one offered it. I was excited to see that a company was finally offering the product. When I reached out to them they were eager to help get my logo right it was a great experience the product withstood the cold temperatures of 35 degrees to the heat of 100 degrees here in Fresno, CA. The product is incredible and durable and looks great. It definitely made us stand out. We used our decals on our helmets as well as other items such as our batting tees and for fundraising for car decals. The customer service is second to none from placing the order to follow up questions when received the order to ensure product quality. If you are looking to stand out you have to go with a raised logo and there is only one place to go and that’s Raised Decals.”



Ike Guerrero
Theodore Roosevelt HS

Fresno, CA

“Raised Decals is simply the new gold standard when it comes to decals and we are excited to partner with them. When we had the opportunity to be on the forefront of this new trend, we knew it was something we had to do. Their decals gave us the forward-thinking feel we wanted combined with the traditional look of our brand and logo. The creativity and design help they gave us was second to none. We are proud to be associated with them and are already exploring new and exciting additions to our decal and branding process.”


Donegal Fergus
Assistant Baseball Coach

University of Washington

"Our decals turned out better than expected. We have been given a lot of praise for how good they look. I would recommend Raised Decals and the product they produce to anyone. And more importantly, the customer service is top notch."

Shawn West

LVR Baseball

"We have been so impressed with the quality of this product. We have used them now multiple years and will each and every year from here on."

Chris Anderson

UCBA Barons

Our 9U Lumberjack team wears a red and white Raised Decal logo on a black matte Demarini helmet. Not only did they stay attached all season, our players and coaches got tons of compliments on the look! We even won a $100 gift card in a tournament of 70 teams for “best dressed.” Thank you guys for your commitment to quality!"

Andy Runyan

Paragould Lumberjacks

"Outstanding service and great decals.Cant wait to get our helmet decals."

Select Baseball

"The ordering process was a breeze. Loved the final product! Decals are excellent quality and colors were spot on. We will definitely give Raised Decals more business in the future!"

Mercedes High School

We have purchase two designs for our helmets.  Top notch emblem and design.  Love the Product.  Will never go back to a flat design again.


Armando Sedeno

Langham Creek High School

KC Outlaws Baseball
Jan 3
 giving away our logo as samples at the #ABCA2020. Best helmet decals on the market, no doubt!

EOM 3D baseball softball helmet decals
3D baseball softball helmet decals
Langham Creek 3D baseball softball helmet decals
University of Oklahoma 3D baseball softball helmet decals

Brad Irwin
Jan 28
It’s all in the little details... 
 helping us add some 3D pop to our helmet look this year! Stoked how they turned out!

"The new gold standard"

"These decals are excellent"

"The product is incredible and durable and looks great."

"Best helmet decals on the market"

"Customer service is top notch"

3D baseball softball helmet decals

"Stoked how they turned out!"

3D baseball softball helmet decals

"So impressed with the quality"

paragold lumberjacks 3D baseball softball helmet decals

"Tons of compliments on the look!"

"Will never go back to a flat design again"

Daniel Best
Jan 24
Thanks to 
 for the new look! It’s about time to put them in action! #bulldogbaseball #

Glencoe Baseball
May 29
Shout out to 
 for the helmet logos! Clean!

"Thanks Raised Decals for the new look!"

3D baseball softball helmet decals
Glencoe Baseball 3D baseball softball helmet decals


Coach Zorn
Dec 5, 2019
Counting down the days! Thanks to 
 for the great work on our new helmets

3D baseball softball helmet decals

"Great work on our new helmets"

MercedesISDSoftball 3D baseball softball helmet decals

"Ordering process was a breeze"

select 3D baseball softball helmet decals

"Outstanding service and great decals"


EOM Lady's Fast Pitch Softball

Midway University Eagles Baseball
Jan 8
Thanks to 
, these are                     ! #Team4 #Roots

fire emoji.JPG
Midway University 3D baseball softball helmet decals

"These are fire!"

"Our decals look GREAT! Thank you!"

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X logo Twitter.png
X logo Twitter.png
X logo Twitter.png

LA Kraken Baseball





"Turned out awesome! Thanks"

Great product and excellent service! 

"We have loved them!"

"Top notch."  

"The Best looking helmets in the OK RED Conference!"


"Extremely Impressed"

"Excellent product! They were done faster than expected and the price is fair for what you get. Would definitely recommend them and plan on reordering more in the future."

Pavilion Central School

"Decals look so good on our helmets."

"We can't say enough positive things..."

Got our stickers! 

They are literally amazing. Best ones y’all have done for me over the years. Well done. 



Lago Vista ISD

Great product and excellent service! Will definitely order more in the future.


Smoke Fastpitch

Electric Tigers

We have loved them! Our logo for this one was challenging and they made it look good.


ETBU Softball

We were extremely impressed with our raised helmet decals. Great Customer service and extremely quick getting the order to us! Thank you!!

Apollo High School Baseball

"Excellent product!"

Communication was good and the decals look so good on our helmets.

High Desert Vipers

We've had our decals since before COVID19 started. They help us stand out from the competition we face by looking sharper and more serious than a blank helmet or flat sticker. We can't say enough positive things about how such a simple item lends more credibility to an organization!

Baseball Oshawa

"They are literally amazing."

East Kentwood Falcons!

Raised Decals product is top notch.  We really enjoy the looks their decals give our helmets and team.  The kids love them!

Head Softball Coach
Graham ISD

Fresno Force Softball


These decals and company are awesome!! They worked closely with us throughout the process (great timely communication) to ensure the design was exactly what we wanted. And they turned out great and look awesome on our helmets. The players and parents are thrilled!!


Xplosion Baseball

"The players and parents are thrilled"


Not Convinced? There are more completely independent reviews on Google. Check them out for yourself!

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