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Helmet Decal Size Guide

 Answering Our Most Asked Question



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This is a question we field daily!

We hope that providing some guidance will help you to determine what best fits your need.


Please Note

When we ask for the size decal you would like, we request the height only. Then, we will scale your design to obtain the specific width, preventing distortion to your logo. The below sections therefore only reference the height of each design measured in inches. If you would like a very specific height - we can make our decals by millimeter!  


We cannot recommend what size you purchase! This is a personal decision based on the style you wish to display on your helmets. However, we can help you visualize by providing examples and data to assist with decision making.

2.5"Inch Height Decal

the stats

This pie chart reflects our last 3 years helmet decal orders. As you can see, 2.5" height is the winner by far, being ordered 50% of the time. If there is a standard size - 2.5" is it. Of course it should be noted that this is very dependent on the general shape of your logo. Square/round designs work well at this size, while wider designs are usually ordered at lower heights. 

Helmet Decal Orders By Size Chart 2023_e

let's start with

Reference Pics

These decals measure 2.0 inch height. Note that wide designs look a lot larger then square or round designs. Helmets that profile lower, like Boombah, may do well using a shorter decal. Generally 1.5 inches height or under is reserved for the side or back of helmet as miniature decals. 

2.0 Height Decals
2.25 Height Decals

These decals measure 2.25 inches height. 2.25 inch and 2.5 inch are the most commonly ordered sizes for helmet decals.

2.50 Height Decals

These decals measure 2.5 inches height. This is our most popular size for helmet decals and works well for both square and round designs.

2.75 Height Decals

These decals measure 2.75 inches height. When customers request sizes larger then this, we generally recommend measuring or double checking the needed size, as decals in the 3 inch range may encroach on the bill or crown of the helmet. 


Boombah and Low Profile Helmets

Boombah helmets profile lower, and generally customers order smaller height decals. 

As you can see, we are a little slim on pictures! If you are one of our customers and use a Boombah - send us a helmet pic! We would be happy to feature your photo. Click here to send a pic now!

Wide Designs

Wide designs will want a smaller height decal. Ordering in the 2.25-2.75" range can result a very large decal! Please request and utilize a printable sizing chart of your logo to help determine the correct size for your helmet. 

Still not sure on what you need? Reach out!

We can send you samples to check out or personalized printable templates to see what your design will look like in different sizes. 

Next Steps

Back of Helmet Logos

Back of helmet logos are generally 1.75" or lower. This sizing is also going to be more specific to the helmet you are using the the placement you would like. 

What's Right for you? 

Now that you've seen lots of examples, what is right for your logo? 

We recommend measuring what you already have and/or testing new sizes.

Step 1 - Measure 

Make sure your logo facing how it needs to appear on the helmet when taking your measurements. Is that Hawk or Polar Bear supposed to be looking up, down, or straight on? This often comes into play with paw prints as well. They are generally applied at an angle, not straight up and down. Its easy to want to angle a decal differently, which will give a very different result.

Here are a couple of examples: 

Raised Decals Helmet Decal
Raised Decals Helmet Decal
Raised Decals Helmet Decals

2.5" Height

3.4" Height!

Raised Decals Helmet Decal
Raised Decals Helmet Decal
Raised Decals Helmet Decal

2.5" Height

3.15" Height!

It never hurts to just measure what you already have. We get lots of pictures of a thumb and a ruler pressed up against a current helmet - this works! Feel free to send those pics and we can give you our thoughts as well. 

Step 2 - Test.

Using the digital file of your logo, copy and paste that bad boy onto a blank document (aka Microsoft Word Doc, Google Doc or whatever you kids are using these days). Right click on the image and go to properties/size tab. Adjust the height to a size you would like to see and test (ex: 2.5 in). Allow it to scale the width for you. Hit OK and print it out! It should be to scale and you can get an idea of what your logo will look like in that size. 

Too much work? Just ask us for a printable sizing chart and we will send you one with your orders design proof. 

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