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Instructions for decal application 

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What size helmet decals do I need? 

What are my Pantone colors? 

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Are the helmet decals glue-on's?

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Uses for Raised Decals

Our decals are most commonly used for helmet decals, and were designed with such in mind. They work great on all common sports helmets, including baseball, softball, hockey, and lacrosse. However, they also work great on cars, trucks and other auto's. They also work great on laptops and other surfaces. Use anywhere! With this in mind, they are great for school booster club sales or fundraising. If you need retail packaging - let us know!


Instructions for decal use

For best results and ensuring the best adhesive bond possible, please follow the following steps.

1) Apply to a clean, dry surface only. Dirt, dust, debris, moisture and air bubbles (more easily seen in 2D decals) can compromise the decal’s ability to stick. Factors such as surface area, weight, and width of the design can affect the decals ability to bond long term as well. 

2) To get the best bond on a helmet or curved surface, apply with the decal flexed inward.

3) Push air bubbles out to the edges from the center.

Return Policy

Refunds are made on an exception basis only. Unfortunately, with the production of custom products we are not able to accept returns. There is no where to restock or resell your design! We are not responsible for dissatisfaction with color or size if the product was made to the specifications provided and approved by the buyer. 

What size helmet decal do I need?

The customer is responsible for providing and approving exact specifications for the custom product and we do not make recommendations on what spec's are needed for your design.  Our process is to use the height of your design and then scale the image for width to uphold the integrity of the design. (Providing both height and width can sometimes stretch the design into a distortion from your actual logo.) Please make sure you measure and test your design to ensure you are ordering a product that fits your needs.


Final specs are always included on your invoice. Please do not pay your invoice if any spec's are inaccurate, as once paid it is placed on the production schedule and changes are not necessarily possible. 


Although we do not make recommendations, let us provide examples of other products we've produced to help you in visualizing what your design will look like. In general, (and depending on the manufacturer, anything over 2 3/4 inch height may encroach the crown or bill of the helmet.

NEW TOOL - Download a printable template to see the approximate size of popular helmet decal specifications HERE. 

Car Decals.jpg
Laptop Stickers.JPG
cat 2.0.jpg

These decals measures 2.0" height

These decals measure 2 1/4" height

These decals measure 2 1/2" height

b 2.75.jpg
o 2.75.jpg

These decals measure 2 3/4" height


What are my Pantone colors? 

First, lets define Pantone. Pantone provides a universal system for communicating specific colors. It helps designers and producers define, communicate and control colors from the design stage to the final product stage. And in basic terms - its a code (ex: 7436 C) assigned to a color.  And codes exist for thousands of colors. We use these codes to communicate to production, who mixes and makes the product to your exact color.

To ensure an exact match of your decals/custom products to your logo, please provide your Pantone colors to us. The best way to get your exact Pantone colors? Ask someone else! Unless this is a brand new design, someone else has likely created your products in the past and has this information. Colleges/universities - inquire with your marketing department. High schools - ask your administration. 

Other ways to determine your Pantone colors - there are tools to help with this. While there are some free phone apps, they aren't the greatest and this isn't the right forum to write a blogger review of them. For online resources, check out or and plug in your RGB (red/green/blue) numbers from a picture you have of your design. 

Otherwise, our process is to convert the RGB from the digital file or picture  you provided and include the Pantone color matches on your invoice along with other spec's for your approval. However, image quality and lighting can affect this, which is why we encourage obtaining and providing this information to us directly. 


NOTE: Do not pay the invoice if one of the spec's is wrong. Once it's paid, your order gets placed on the production schedule. 

Order Turnaround Time and Shipping Policies

Our standard lead time for custom products is approximately 6 weeks. This timeline starts once artwork is approved and the invoice is paid. This time frame may also increase during times of heavy volume or around holidays. It is highly recommended that custom items are ordered well in advance of the date needed. Changes requested after the item has been placed on the production schedule may not be possible, or may restart this time table. Most items ship via DHL, although other carriers such as FedEx or USPS may be used. With DHL a signature

may be required at delivery, unless the delivery slip is checked to leave without signature. Having your phone number on file will help us ensure your package is delivered without issue, and we do not use or sell phone numbers for marketing purposes.  

Mold Fees

Mold fees are only incurred the first time you order a design. Mold fees are waived on re-orders. 

Are the helmet decals glue'on's?

Oh hhhhheeeeeccccckkkkk NO! They are NOT glue-on's. We have spent significant time and dollars researching and developing our product with the best adhesive available for the 3D material. Simply peel of the backing paper and stick on. 

Need more info?

If we did not answer your questions here - please feel free to contact us directly! 


These decals measure 3" height

3 inch anderson county.JPG

This decal measures 1.5" height